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First Act Of Love To Yourself

The first act of love is a mental decision. You will, before taking any other action to grow, nurture and develop yourself, have to decide that you are not going to let yourself go wasted.

To not let yourself go wasted you will have to become certain that you are worthy.

To become certain you are worthy you will have to let this sink in your subconscious.

To let that sink in your subconscious you will have to hear the same message from at least three different sources:

i. from your immediate circle of people surrounding you, they may not tell you directly but through their actions that they care for you.

ii. from yourself: you will need to literally repeat assertive statements to yourself every morning before leaving bed and every night before throwing yourself to bed,

iii. and from words you read: by building references of stories of people who rose up against adversities several times after failures and achieved extra-ordinary results.

Without becoming certain of your Mental Decision that you are worthy, you will never be able to take a step that would take care of your physical, mental and financial growth. You will never be able to start exercise, you will never have the stamina to read good that expands your mind and will never develop the courage to start and  work on a business. And even if you do, without considering yourself as worthy, you will drop your activity in the middle.

Without sense of self worth, we cannot love ourselves. Without considering ourselves of value, we are unable to take any action that preserves our value. We collect diamonds and luxury watches and paintings from legendary artists and not empty cans of soda, old card boxes and candy wrappers.

This will not also develop and grow you but almost always guarantee a permanent state of happiness and joy. This does not mean you will not face unhappy situations but you will face them with a deep inner calm and level of lingering happiness inside of you.

Better start loving yourself at your earliest. Now. Even if you are in your 80s.

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