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The Two Choices For Handling Problems

One of the greatest truths we need to understand and accept is that as long as we are alive we will be facing problems, challenges and difficulties. The question is what to do with them.

We have two choices.
First: To ignore all problems, difficulties and challenges and try to skip them.

We may act as if problems do not exist. We choose to delay taking actions to solve them. We procrastinate tackling problems. The worst we think that problems will disappear themselves if we ignore them for a certain enough period of time. We may act as we are an exception to them and those issues are not allowed to touch us which are haltering most of the other people around us or even in the world.

This first choice leads us to think “why me?” whenever we face a difficulty or a challenge. Opting for this choice also creates victim mentality as if we are the only ones who had to go through a crisis or a dilemma.

This first choice also makes us ungrateful and forces us to focus on the negative only of all what we receive from the universe.

This choice also leads us to stagnancy or staying at the same mental and spiritual level since we do not engage our whole selves in solving them.

Second: To welcome those problems, challenges and difficulties with an understanding that we will have to face them as long as we are alive.

It is the essence of life. The path of life is the path of growth through problems.

This choice also leads to some great insights humanity has experienced. We stop frowning and getting frustrated when face them. We develop an indepth understanding that it is only through facing problems that we grow. All scientific breakthroughs, all inventions, all solutions to which we owe our modern and luxurious lifestyles stems from this mentality of trying to solve problems as they come upon us and to use our intellect to solve them. In solving these problems we begin to create and devise technology solutions and inventions.

This choice also leads us to think that we infact are not victims of a situation but custodians of whatever available set of resources to use them for the greater benefit of ourselves and humanity.

This choice also leads us to thankfulness that we were not ignored but where chosen among others as problem-solvers.

The Most Important Question To Answer In Our Life:

The question is what will be our choice? To ignore and try to skip and sulk upon problems or try to face them squarely, working through them and in the process of solving them experience true growth.

More importantly what we will want to teach our children? To skip and runaway from their exams and difficulties ? Or we will teach them to take exams with grace, face challenges when they fall upon them and emerge as people of character, strength and love.

Think wisely and choose consciously.

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