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The Duality Within Us

We are a living miracle. We are made up of a spirit or soul and a body which are opposite in their properties to each other. The soul has no limits in time and space. Our bodies are limited. Similarly, inside of us there are two power hubs and sources of energy which are opposite in their properties as well.

The first one is our internal inertia. Recalling from our earlier education in Physics, inertia is the property of matter to remain at rest or in motion given no external force is applied to change its state of rest or of motion. Inertia is the resistance to a current state. If we could draw two arrows within our imaginary body space, one would be downward representing our inertia.

Our inertia has served us through history of man kind. It was designed and fabricated within us to avoid unnecessary risk or an unwanted adventure ensuring that we as human species were able to survive.

The other energy within us is our will to become better, to get up and do something, to start something new, to take on a new challenge, to grow. This energy source is called Love.

Every single morning there is one voice within us that tells us to sleep another ten minutes or it sometimes whispers to us there is no need to hit the gym, look at the weather outside. Another day it asks us to avoid that hard conversation with our business partner which was badly needed. Our inertia wants to save us from risk, but at the same time saves us from growth as well.

At the same time when this inertia is whispering into our ears to keep things as they are, there is another energy telling us to get up, its your meeting day with a new client. It also tells us to just have one more day at gym. It asks us to read a few more pages despite heavy eyes. This energy is Love.

Love demands us to act against inertia. It asks us to seek another challenge or to create a new one ourselves in terms of another goal. It keeps us awake in the middle of night and keeps us sticking to our commitments when we are down.

Love is a continuous will to improve, to grow and to become better. Love is taking action despite you do not like it.

Decide to love yourself.

And then actually start loving yourself by starting to take action on things that lift you up. That is true love.

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