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Say Thank You When Problems Hit You

Most of us having gone through schools must have experienced this.

You submit your exam fee and then all of your classmates have received their exam admit cards but you. So you are worried. What if your fee was not accepted? Did something went wrong with the internal assessments? Did not the teacher forward your name or the school clerk missed to type your name in the list? Was your attendance percentage OK?

And you pray to receive that admit card which would allow you to take your exam. And you become thankful upon having received it.

How we react to tests in real life?

Ironically when we receive a summon for a real life test in our practical, out of the school real life, we frown and get frustrated. We often become angry and act as if we were not suppose to receive it.

How Growth Is Possible?

Growth is not possible without goingh through tests. This is the only way universe has set its path to develop a human being. As the famous quote goes “obstacle is the way”, this secret was well understood by wise men through ages.

And what happens when we accept something. We transcend it. We are no longer bothered by it.

What happens when you pass the exam? We are rewarded and taken to a next level. We get one step closer to our thought out career plan or professional destiny.

What does it mean when we are put to tests?

When we are put to a test or are thrown at a difficult situation, it is the greatest sign that we are yet on board, we are yet enrolled in the class. Not only enrolled but we are being considered to be taken to the next level subject to certain conditions, most important of which is to pass the given test.

Having quoted the above example, let me ask you this now. So how should we react to a problem or a difficult situation?

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