Are you qualified enough?

Once, through my office was sent a training proposal to a school not very old enough but claiming to establish British standards of education in Pakistan.

We had long forgotten about the proposal, when one day I received a call indicating that the principal wanted to meet me for the programme.

So there I went to be received with an air of a certain touch of  conceit, since the staff was British and although it did not know very much of how things work in an entirely different culture, it seemed to have that very arrogance that one carries by belonging to a superior world country.

Before I could meet the principal, a young lady who seemed to be assisting him asked me : What are your qualifications for this programme?

And I was perplexed since I had never been asked this question in the past several years.  “What kind of qualifications are you looking for?”, was my first responce.

The right kind of , she replied.

“And that would be?” said I.

“Well, we have a British system here and we only allow people who are qualified to run such programmes”

” Hmm. Your organisation is a school and I have run this programme with some of Pakistan’s best institutions in Professional accountancy and some of the best degree awarding universities. So that makes me rather over-qualified to run this training for your faculty.”

“But we are British and we have certain fixed rules and you don’t have relevant qualifications?”

” Have you gone through the proposal I sent you?

“Yes! ”

“And thats why you have called me here,  coz the contents we have promised to deliver surpass most of the Training of Teachers programmes being taught  in Pakistan or even outside Pakistan.  Even mentioning such contents is quite hard if you have not really worked in depth at this field. I have done work and trained much senior executives and teachers, than at the school level”

“The point is  that we have a strict British system here and you don’t have the relevant qualifications?”

Have you ever been through this kind of a situation? This is a typical example of policies over-riding goals for which they were originally made to serve.

It shows a very strong attachment to our ego boundaries and our ego systems, which take their standing from either a heightened origin or maybe from a developed world country or from an elite group, or from any other source.  This also reflects a strong adherence to following what has already been followed and not daring to think out of the box.

This shows a lack of love. Since genuine love always inspires us to peep inside possibilities. What is possible if we allow something new to happen to ourselves?

True saints have a deep inherent ability to see people as what they can be, rather than what they are. True saints depict genuine love.

Policies are made to expedite reaching objectives and goals.  If the reverse happens it is one of the biggest signs of decline in spirituality.

If policies had been over-riding goals, then a humble clerk working at Swiss Patent office would not have been able to publish his papers, what later were known to world as Theory of Relativity.

Love is discipline !

Have you ever thought what does the word discipline exactly mean? Though most common meanings associated or linked with this word are those linked  to a concept of military life style characterized by every thing or activity strictly set in routines, schedules and the dogma like: place for every thing and every thing for a place etc. 


When we think we don’t need to learn further, we have become complacent. To handle complacency is to handle internal inertia.

There is only one way out from complacency i.e. to become more loving ! Love is the act of taking action when you do not want to or is defined as a will to grow. Complacency is the end of growth, considering that we have grown enough or learnt enough or had enough of knowledge or experience.

Love is a will to grow and a will to grow asks for a will to take action. Nothing happens unless we take action. To end complacency we have to act, first in our thoughts and later in the physical world outside our minds.

And the greatest of laziness is not physical, it is mental. When we refuse to think any thing against what we have always been thinking.

That is also called in texts of spirituality what we commonly know as death i.e. when we refuse to transform!

The Power of Now!

The one question that almost kept on coming back to me was: where to begin?

Whether it was about starting a business or planning an exercise routine, or trying to re-build a relationship or how to get rid of an unwanted habit, the question almost always stays there: where to begin.

The answer is simple. Yet is revealed only upon those who spend genuine time on the thought process. It is two words: Begin Now.

We only learn…

I have experienced and observed tremendous volumes of energy going to waste. This energy is expensed by parents, teachers, guides, coaches, tutors, mentors, instructors and seniors in trying to teach and train some one. This energy is expensed when we think that having told some thing to some one automatically makes him or her learn it.

We only learn by doing some thing ! Make them do it and make them think to do it. They would learn and perhaps never forget.

How to stay self-motivated?

I have a dream that I dream all day. And I work to chase my dream.
I visualize.
I repeat that to myself.
I tell myself who I am ( working on my ID)

Human brain tends to forget in 48 hours unless it is made a conditioned response.That is perhaps the reason 90% of the goals set on January 1st each year are obsolete by January 20th the same year. We have to keep on repeating to ourselves.

Another technique I use is to attach massive pain to a state of not being motivated and immense pleasure to the fruits I get what if I stay motivated.

An important point is for what? Motivation for the sake of motivation means desperation and frustration.

I don’t forget to reward myself on some thing that I believe I have done good. People are not always good at appreciations. Rewarding oneself is often great. That reminds me that I shall have my fruit, no matter what other people say.

I meet a lot of dead people every day

Every single day I go out to work and meet people. A majority of them are quite contended in what they have been doing, not in terms of results, but in terms of emotional gratification they are getting out from the fixed routines.

I see people who are OK with in their comfort zones,  not happy or too happy at all, but they are OK because they feel secure that they cannot further lose or risk themselves, thus they feel safe and thus they feel OK.

In their security and in their fixed routines of day and fixed routines of mental thought processes, they have found a way to feel OK. They are so stuck in their self-created mental inertia, they refuse to think any thing else than what they have been previously thinking. They refuse to think against their habitual thoughts.

They perhaps even  listen, but they have made up their minds for what they already believe in. Some times they agree to a new idea superficially. Some times they do not even agree and resist.

Or if some times they genuinely feel unhappy about the OK situation, and want to change, but still lack the love to do it.

Many of the people are suffering from a phenomenon known as spirtual death, when they refuse to transform to a higher level of mental growth.

I meet dead people every day, because dead people do not grow, more mentally than they do physically!

Just start !

Most of us do not just take action. Most of us just keep on thinking to do some thing.

Most of us wait for a certain set of things to happen, before we start some thing. The fact is: that set of things is never complete, so we never get to start what we had planned to do.

The key is to just start. No matter how small, how inadequately prepared, how  much lacking in resources, how much lacking in knowledge, how much lacking in experience.

If Thomas Edison had waited to do an MBA before experimenting for the electric bulb, we would still be using oil lamps !

Just start. Things never get right all the way, or all the things never get right our way. Just………… s t a r t !

Tell them

Tell them all that I give 100% in my relationships, whether its a friend or a colleague or a boss or a spouse or a neighbour.

Stand behind your claim and do whatever it takes to fulfill your words.

Tell them that you expect also nothing less than 100% from them.

But if they cannot make it 100% be also ready to forgive their mistakes.

That’s love !