Do you know your entire purpose of being ?

There are nearly 6.98 billion people living on Earth as of now. To this date, how many people have been born and died can be another staggering number, perhaps several times more than that.

The question is why you were born as an another soul? Why did the invisible hand sent you to this blue planet? You can call it God, Jesus, Allah, Raam, Om or whatever who sent you here but the fact is you were sent here and you would leave this place at some point in time. The question is thus why your soul was created and you were sent here? And if now you are here, why are you here?

Just take out a few minutes of your time to seriously think on it?

1. There was a gap that only you could fulfill.

2. That gap would require some thing e.g. a talent, a skill, a creative process, a service, a contribution that only you were able to do or to make.

3. If there were other people who could exactly do the same, then there were no need to send you for doing the same job. As we all know its stupid to designate the same job to more than a person, would not the intelligence and divine wisdom spread across the universe know this fact.

Thinking and pondering on the above three points may lead you to a feeling of Eureka about the most important pheonomenon in your life: you. 

Why is your purpose important? Every thing has a reason to be. It is in our built in nature to do things for a cause. This is shown from our every day experiences of handling things and spending routines to our life long aims. We hate wandering around for no reason. Leaving a room and being asked where are you going, if we do not know where and we answer the same, we shall be considered insane.

For most of us we do things for a cause in a hierarchy. We learn things to earn and enjoy a good life. We earn because we want to have more comfort for ourselves, our families and those whom we love. We want to have things and activities done in a hierarchy.

Understanding the hierarchy is important. We need oxygen to breathe. The second most important need is of water. Then comes food. Then comes the comfort or maintaining a suitable temperature for our bodies which includes the need for clothing and shelter. Then lies the need of being loved and being intimate i.e. of touching and being touched, of hugging and making love. Then is the need of contribution; to give back what we have received. At the final top is the need for spirituality.

This hierarchy has been addressed in different manners of arrangement by several authors.

Spending real time to find out the real purpose of our life is addressing the top most need first. Knowing it and then weaving your  path towards it step by step. This principle is quite highlighted by Stephen R. Covey in his work The Seven Habits and he has termed it Begin with End in Mind. To decide the final outcome first and then gradually work towards it and on our way keep addressing the needs as they need to be met.

What happens to us that we are addressed in the intermediary needs of comforting our bodies and egos so much that we never make it to the top. Most of us are caught up in a frenzy of gadgets, digital toys, cell phones, laptops, cars, devices, jewelleries and wearing apparel, dining and cuisines that we in fact lose sight of the final goal: our mental and spiritual development.

Efforting to know and finding out our entire purpose of being does not let us go lost. We do not end up confused some where in the middle before reaching our goals.

Knowing our entire purpose of life makes us stand in the elite of the elites. This elite group is nobler than any other elite group formed cause of possessions or financial status, since this can never be taken away from us.

Shall you choose to be in the super elite?

Immersing yourself in the bliss

It has been some time that I had written my last at love redefined. It was not perhaps that I was not in a particular state of writing, which all writers sought. Neither it was because I did not want to write. But that I had been exposed to some thing which made me forget everything else.

I count myself among those few blessed beings who know their purpose of being i.e. why they are sent to this life. For the past some months, I have been giving my total time to the purpose I have with me. The purpose, which I live for.

The bliss and joy of life is hidden in three things.

1. To know your soul purpose of being here and of living a life.

2. Doing some thing you love to earn a livelihood.

3. Genuine service to others.

Contrary to the above most of us try to find joy and bliss every where else. Shopping, overeating, over sleeping or waiting for sleep, trying to go for career jumps, in relationships, at dancing, at bars, in driving muscle cars, in wearing brands, in vacations. Its a long list.

The fact is different. The bliss is reached only when we do some thing different to ourselves inside of us. All the activities that we think can make us happy are in fact, in the long run our reasons for disappointment, which  after accumulating one over the other let us lose hope and faith in our future.

Do totally and absolutely with faith what you are here for.

Engage in some thing that you love to do and use it to earn.

Do any act of genuine service to people around. Help a sick. Visit a hospital. Teach an illiterate to read. Give a single dollar in charity every day. Provide a counselling to some one who needs it. Help some one at a grocery store. Do an act of kindness towards a stranger.

You shall find yourself immersed in a bliss. Begin doing that but first find your soul purpose of being here.

Wish you all the luck !

Taming the giant: tuning your sleep hours

I was among those babies which have trouble going to sleep. I would stay up till 3  a.m. making it quite hard for my mother for the next mornings work. And I was a baby then, eighteen months of age.

During my early years of schooling in the nursery and upper nursery ( for kids aged 4 to 5), I kept the same routine. The doctors said , there was nothing much to worry as some kids have their natural clock set that way and with time it shall get to normal.

It didn’t.

One secret to true joy !

It had been a long break.  A quite long break for a writer.  I did not write for full thirty eight days. I wrote nothing.

Though at times I wanted to write but I realized that I would not be able to complete that work.  Some times during this period, I did not want to say any thing. I decided to be silent. I had been so busy in doing things that I “am” ! 

During this all time, I had been continuously contemplating on myself.

I decided and learned and acted on the most important things of my life.

I had been busy doing not what I had always wanted to do but what had been my ID.  Now what was that perhaps may not be that much important for you. It could be cloth weaving, It could be gardening and raising flowers.

The point is: what does a pianist do? Play the piano. What does an aviator do? Fly the plane.  What does a traveller do? Travel. What does a teacher do? Teach. What does a poet do? Writes poetry.

We all have different roles in our lives. We are fathers and mothers, spouses and siblings, teachers and students, employers and employees, social service doers and some cause supporters. And each one of our roles demands an “identity”.

What kind of a son or a daughter we would be? Caring, loving or some thing more that you want to be? What kind of a spouse? Loving, trustworthy, loyal? What kind of a banker would you be? Professional or client oriented? What kind of a coach would you like your players to remember you as? Superb, hardworking, talent nurturing ?

These are all adjectives which give us our unique ID for that role. A superb parent, a loving spouse, a trustworthy friend, a thorough researcher, a goal accomplisher, a truth seeker, a peace keeper, a respect giver etc.

An ID is an answer to the question. What if you were on a national TV and you were given 10 minutes to think and one minute to speak in a reply to the question: “Who are you?”

Our IDs are our recognition for our own selves in our own eyes first and in the eyes of the world later.

The bad news is that most of the times  we choose our IDs unconsciously and some times rather stupidly.

The good news is we can always choose the right IDs directing us to what we want to be or become.

So do the following. This simple exercise would change your view and perhaps your life in future:

1. Take a pen and a paper and in the first column write all your roles that you are in your life, e.g a husband, son, spouse, parent, professional, surgeon, lawyer, coach, etc

2. In front of that role, use one or two adjectives as your IDs expressing what kind and quality of that role you are going to be.

3.  Decide to retain those IDs and rather improve them.

4. If you already have some IDs and you are feeling stupid and unhappy in your life, it is because your actions are not matching your ID.

5. In this case do one thing. Either change your ID to match your actions or change your actions to match your ID.

Our actions matching our IDs: that is the key to genuine happiness and joy in our lives.

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The colour of rain

Rains have no colour of their own. They just enhance  what they pour down upon. The light green of the grass becomes sharper. The sand turns muddier brown. The neon signs start glowing a fresh orange or red. Every colour enhances under the rain.

My each colour grew brighter under your rains. And since then, none of them has ever faded.

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I have learnt to be silent.

It was not easy to not say anything or to refrain from speaking. It is hard. It is almost some times seemingly impossible.

More tough is to stop our mind from saying. My mind was used to the clatter, of the continuous self talk. It is beyond any explainable limit of effort to teach our mind to be silent.

In silence we touch our deepest selves. We know our true core. We know ourselves.

I knew myself. Thus…………… I knew you !

I am me

The internet is shutdown. So is the facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, linkedin and every social media. I have switched off the cell phone. I did not want to see its screen blinking so silent mode did not suffice and I have shut it off . I have closed the door of my room to not let any one in and I have opened the window to let some breeze in.  And I have already taken with me a bottle of fresh water and a cup of tea. I have made sure the water was not from the refrigerator. So I sit down by the side of the wall on my carpet and just drink some water and sip some tea. I do not try to think any thing. I do not try to stop any thoughts if they come to me. I let myself be free.

I watch my tea cup as tiny whiffs of steam leave it. I feel water at every single sip. At a thought of a woman I met today, I did not think she was more open that she ought to be. I did not judge any official for his press statement. At this hour, I do not judge any one. I am into a perfect silence. I enjoy this. I am in my poise. I am in my bliss. I am me !

The life as I began to see

Years ago in the month of April, I was exposed to the light.  The hand that conspires and writes for us did it’s  job wonderfully and I had my first experience of what I truly know as love. I lost my father and he was the one whose face I buried in sand with my own hands for the very first time.

That was the beginning of my vision to see life as it was meant to be.

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White roses

I walk past the two rows of white roses, on the both sides of the road. I have often walked past those while thinking of you.

I could think nothing of else, whenever I walked there !

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Would some one get off the bus for you ?

Do you have some one in your life , who would just get off the bus, simply because you are not yet in there ?

Who is willing to spend a night in a strange town, at an old motel, just because you arrived late and others could not wait any further ?

You are the luckiest , if you have one such person who can jump off the bus, simply for one reason: you are not yet there !